BBCS Jin Kisaragi Combo Movie - Hero?

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BBCS Jin Kisaragi Combo Movie - Hero?

Mensaje  star-kof el Lun Mar 28, 2011 12:40 pm

By - Jourdal/Stefan with the help of Chaosblade144
BGM - Fairy (Chizuru theme KoF 96 Arranged)

*i dont mind criticism this is far from perfect lol...should i make one come CS2 just try not to be an ass about it, ill likely dismiss anything you have to say Sad*

Yeah, again nothing special just something i wanted to do..especially before CS2...looking at it i wish i did somethings differently (less DP enders) and its mostly some variants of existing combos, wasn't going for max damage i was going for flash haha. Big thanks to one of my best friends irl chaosblade144 for helping me with this. I had some fun...had trouble with the song choice though :V was going to use mitsunari's theme, hope you guys like it. Break a mirror is still godlike and is still the best CS jin combo video, even almost 4 months into CS2's lifespan

Inputs...may be a bit off, too lazy to check, JCC/JC2C are kind of interchangeable but no one really uses JC.JC

1- Corner CH 6C.66.delay (until they're close to the ground).5A.5C.2C.DP C (Desperate for CS2 combo)

2-Corner CH 6C.delay (until close).5B.5C.jB.j2C.jC.jD.214D.6C.DP B

3-Corner FC 2C.6C.66.long delay.5C.2C.6C.66.jC j2C.jC arrows.6C.DP C

4-Jin in corner CH 6C.2D.dash under (let them land a bit).5C.214D.6C.Ice Arrows.6A.DP A

5- 2C.6C.2D.66.(a bit before they land)5A.5C.jC.jC.214C

6-CH DP D.66.6C.delay.dp B.6C.66.DP D.5C.6C.DP C

7-Tager Onry non CH arrows.6C.DPA

8-Tager Onry Corner arrows.6C.DPC arrows.6C.DP C

10- CH DP D.6C.6D.5C.jC.jC (or J2C) arrows.6C.DP A

11- CH DP D.6C.6D.5C.6C.66 (optional).jC.jC(or j2c).214D.6C.214C

12- On Rachel/tager CH arrows.taunt Razz
13- FC 2C.6C.2D.6B.5C.2C.6C.66.delay5C.6C.jC.jC (or 2C).214D.6C.214C

14- CH DP D (UB). 6C.6D.6C.delay DP B.66.DP D.5C.6C.DP B

15- CH DP D (UB) .6C.6D.214D.6C.DP D.5C.6C.DP B (partially stolen from omniscythe in CT....this did 7k in CT ;w;)
16-Taunt buffered astral

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